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13 Dec 2009 – Beijing,China

After 3 years high school and 4 years software college study, I got a job in Finalist(BeiJing, China) IT Group. I must admitt that I had love these guys.
  1. As a fresh man in company, I started my first real project “Report Engine” of piCompany with smart leader named Terry. The generate PDF document and analysis the source code of FCKeditor was so hard for me at that time.
  2. AdvertiseUnion indeed was a new challenge for me, whatever technique and business. I knew I wasn’t good at UI, so I did the work of coding data analysis, stat , IP reverse search services and some other public framework(such as pagination, sort), etc. However, I was growing.
  3. Recent years(end at 2008), Ruby and ROR framework really are hot technique. So, first ROR team in Finlaist(BeiJing, China) was born named THAD. THAD stand for 4 members in the team: Terry, Handy, Alicia and Dan. In ROR project named Race, I was mainly resposible for deal with Gmail and JOSSO.
  4. I didn’t know if it’s a good thing for following a unkonwn and new leader. However, it had happed. Leader Neil and me made up a new team for developing a GPS positon system with GMap. After this, I am more familiar with GMap, EJS and SiteMesh.
  5. I think every body will be curious about new, pretty, nice. Yes, Openremote happeded to me. HA, GWT, Voyage Linux, IR, KNX, iPhone, iPod, MacBook, MAC OS X, XCode and Objective-C these key words are so exciting for me. Because I am not only a JAVA and ROR developer now, but also a iPhone developer from the singles’ day(2009/11/11).
  6. To be continue…
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